A Y P Yoga  with Tristan Dorling

Gemma Van der Wal

        Gemma started to practice yoga in 2015. She was following and teaching Qigong for many years when she decided to join some yoga classes for her own practice. From the start she was mostly drawn to the more meditative practices of yoga. She took her time to try out different styles of yoga, meditation and teachers. After visiting several studios in her home country of the Netherlands, she discovered the school Deva Deva of Pieter.

      The whole experience at this yoga school was perfect for her and soon after she subscribed for a two years meditation teacher training. In this training Pieter introduced AYP to the students. One year later she was a student in the first AYP Teacher Training Course.

        In her daily life Gemma works part time as a management assistant at Leiden University. In her free time she enjoys her own practice and learning more about yoga and teaches AYP to small groups. She enjoys sharing her passion of yoga with others.  

    Website:   https://www.pureyoga.life/